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Torrelavit is a municipality in the Alt Penedès county, on the Barcelona provincial border. Situated to the north of Vilafranca del Penedès, it borders the county of Anoia. The municipality covers an area of 23.68km2 and is currently home to around 1,400 inhabitants.


Other populated areas are Can Rossell de la Serra, the Barrio de la Masía, Calle del Bessó, Bell Penedès, Can Nadal, Can Raspall dels Horts, and Sant Martí Sadevesa.


In Torrelavit, you can find a wide range of quality, hand-made products, restaurants, and rural accommodation. The town is also an interesting place for lovers of all things Roman, as it is home to one of the most well-preserved sites in the county.


The origin of Torrelavit


Torrelavit is the result of joining two villages, Torrelavit. In the year 1920, the two territories were joined and a new name was agreed upon: Torre-Lavit.


The territorial boundary of Lavit appeared at the beginning of the 10th century and is a segregation of the Subirats border castle. But it wasn’t documented as a clearly-outlined territory until the latter half of the 10th century, with the presence of vineyards and crops fields, pastures, and windmills.


Terrassola existed in the 10th century as territory belonging to the Mediona border castle. The first document discovered that mentioned the place dates from 990 and is for a sale of cultivated land and a plot with a house. But it wasn’t until the 11th century that Terrassola was mentioned more frequently. Various documents show that from the 12th century, Terrassola was fully cultivated and inhabited.

Discover Torrelavit

culture, landscape, river, vineyards, water, wine, mills, paper, commerce, tourism and much more to discover.
  • Local businesses

    Cal Putort

    Calle Major, 2 – Tel. 93 899 50 05

    Cal Cisco

    Calle Major, 26 – Tel. 93 899 50 28

    Esteve’s Butcher

    Calle del Molí, 60 – Tel. 93 899 50 31

    Can Camilo’s Bakery & Patisserie

    Calle Major, 5 – Tel. 93 899 51 05

    Les Eres Bakery

    Calle del Bosc, 64 – Tel. 93 899 71 80

    La Botigueta del Mig

    Calle Major, 8 – Tel. 93 899 78 58


  • Where to eat

    El forn d’en Pep

    Calle del Molí, s/n – Tel. 93 899 57 03

    Cal Tresó

    Calle Rosa Mestres, 12 – Tel. 93 899 58 72


  • Where to sleep

    Can Comas

    Finca Can Comas, 4 – Tel. 93 899 50 05

    Masia Can Cardús

    Masia Can Cardús, 1 – Tel. 93 899 78 64

    Molí Blanc

    Edifici Molí Blanc – Tel. 671 643 232 – 667 527 790